Patch knife with black walnut handle

Patch knife with black walnut handle


The patch knife is an all around great knife.  Hand forged and made out of 80crv2 high carbon steel  that is carefully heat treated for toughness and reliability.  The black natural patina from quenching and heat treating was left on the steel for an antiqued look. 



cutting edge: 3.25"

blade thickness: 1/8"

Handle length: 4"

Handle material: Black walnut, brass loveless bolts, white inlay.

sheath: Latigo leather belt sheath. 


  • Additional Information

    Being made of high carbon steel, this knife can rust.  To avoid rusting, simply keep a little oil on it. However, the benefits of a high carbon steel knife are the strength and the sharpness.  It will stay sharp longer than other materials, meaning it will "hold an edge".